August 29th, 2008

  • mg_g

Видео уроков Брайнина (анотации из ютуба)

A child has to "translate" absolute notes into modal and harmony functions, represented in colors, and vice versa.

It is played a short 4-voices "choral". The second part of the choral is not harmonized. A child has to repeat the first part and then to harmonize the second part with correct voice leading. After that a child has simply to play notes, intervals and chords after Mr Brainin.

A 6 years old child plays from music a short 4-voices "choral" and then repeats it from memory. After that he has to transpose it from memory into various keys.

A child has to write down a rhythm of the melody with syncope. The melody consists of two phrases. A child has to write down first the last phrase and after that the beginning. Then he has to clap and to say the rhythm using special syllables (Brainin Rhythmic Solmization).

Мне понятно. Если будет время - "описание" переведу на русский.